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SpokeDM Documentation

SpokeDM Documentation is now LIVE!!

I have put the basic documentation for SpokeDM up at Sometime in the future I will complete the Extending section, probably when I complete the next overdue release of SpokeDM that I haven’t had time to do yet. I was expecting to have more time now that I have been contracting, but so far I have a few more weeks of solid work before I can get around to working on SpokeDM again.

SpokeDM demonstration

A short demonstration setting up a site to record the details of a few ducks using SpokeDM.


I am proud to announce the fruits of some hard work and my first complete product (always a happy moment). Today I have just finished coding a CFWheels and AngularJS based Framework called SpokeDM.

This framework aims to take the hassle out of coding maintenance screens for whatever project you are building. It uses the excellent work from CFWheels models and extends it to generate the front end view for the end user.

Jump over to the website: for video demonstrations and more details.