CFWheels passing looping data to a specific partial.

So today I was digging around with the includePartial function of CFWheels and my favourite usage of it is:

#includePartial(somedata)# //somedata is the results of a findAll or similar

My problem was that I wanted to do this, but not repeat myself over multiple partials around the site. So I did some digging and found out that include partial has 3 undocumented arguments that get overwritten in the previous example (depending on what kind of variable somedata is), but not if you do:


These 3 arguments are; query, object and objects. These are set to the query/object/array that you pass through in the ‘somedata’ argument. So for example given that


is called, somedata is an array of objects and the result is that the partial _objectName.cfm is rendered for every object in the array. We can get exactly the same effect by calling:

#includePartial(partial="objectName", objects=somedata)#

This means that you can now store global partials that can be called from anywhere in your site (if you also want global dataFunctions put the dataFunction in Controller.cfc).

About Simeon Cheeseman

I enjoy a wide variety of computer and board games, have a BSc in Computer Science and have played percussion for 18 years.

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