CFWheels and irregular plural table names

So much as I LOVE cfwheels as a framework I often am unsure as to whether this table name and it’s irregular plural form, e.g. person and people, will be accepted by cfwheels. So in my searching I found this excellent function called pluralize and it’s reverse singularize. These allow you to test out what cfwheels will do with the plural or singular version of your word. For quick reference I dug into the code and got the list of irregular and uncountable words as at 1.1.7.

Irregular words (single, plural): “child,children, foot,feet, man,men, move,moves, person,people, sex,sexes, tooth,teeth, woman,women”

Uncountable Words (have no plural form): “advice, air, blood, deer, equipment, fish, food, furniture, garbage, graffiti, grass, homework, housework, information, knowledge, luggage, mathematics, meat, milk, money, music, pollution, research, rice, sand, series, sheep, soap, software, species, sugar, traffic, transportation, travel, trash, water, feedback”

About Simeon Cheeseman

I enjoy a wide variety of computer and board games, have a BSc in Computer Science and have played percussion for 18 years.

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